What to Do When You Have a Water Leak in Tarpon Springs, FL

Water damage is one of the worst catastrophes that can happen to your home. The aftermath may be extensive, and the stress of dealing with it all can quickly become overwhelming. In the event of the worst, know how to handle a water leak in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Shut Off All Water Sources

The first thing to do if you experience a water leak in your home is to turn off all the water sources in the house, including all faucets, hoses, showers, and spigots. Turning off the water sources will allow you to pinpoint the exact location of the leak as well as determine if there is a problem with the main water supply coming into your home. Once you know the location of the leak, you can determine what steps you need to take next.

Turn Off the Main Water Source Running Into Your Home

If you’re unable to locate the source of the leak after shutting off the water sources inside your home, then you will need to turn off the water at its main source, which will be at or near the water meter. If you don’t know where this is, take the time to locate it before a leak occurs so that you can get to it and shut it off quickly in the event of any emergency. Since it’s likely covered or otherwise secured, make sure you know exactly where the tools are that you will need to gain access to it quickly.

Protect Your Water Heater by Turning It Off

Protect your water heater from damage by turning it off as soon as the main water valve into your home is off. This’ll prevent heat from building up inside of the water heater so that there’s no danger of it overheating and exploding. If your water heater is gas-powered, make sure you turn off the gas before shutting off the water heater.

Call a Plumber Right Away

In the event of a water leak, the best thing to do is to call in a professional plumber as soon as possible. Attempting to fix the problem on your own most often results in even more damage later on. Otherwise, make sure to mop up any water that’s present; it wouldn’t be a bad idea to aim a fan at the area where the leak is to help dry it out.

Even the smallest water leak can become a huge problem very quickly. Permanent water damage is costly to repair and frustrating to deal with, so contact Gulfshore Plumbers and let us perform a professional inspection of your home’s plumbing system to locate any potential issues and repair them before they become major problems.

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