What You Can Do To Help the Pipes in Your Home

Did you know that the average daily water usage for an American household is about 300 gallons? That’s a lot of water flowing through your New Port Richey home. If your pipes have excessive wear and tear, this puts your house at risk of flooding and water damage. Here’s what you can do to keep your home piping in good shape.

Make Professional Drain Cleaning a Priority

Clogged pipes are annoying, but they lead to more damage than you realize. When waste and other debris clog water and sewer pipes, the water flow gets affected first. You notice your drains backing up, but there’s more happening that you can’t see.

Blockage that’s not cleared quickly or completely begins to put pressure on the pipe. Over time, the pressure causes the pipes to break down and leak. Sometimes you get a slow leak. Other times, the pipe bursts without warning.

Professional drain cleaning services like hydro-jetting clear pipes and leave nothing behind. These services use non-chemical means to essentially “power-wash” your pipes. To protect your pipes from corrosion and early replacement, put down the chemical drain products and get professional services.

Fix Hard Water Problems

Hard water wreaks havoc on pipes. After so many years, the sediment comprised of undissolved calcium and magnesium particles stick to the pipes’ insides. Restricted water flow ensues, and the pipe’s construction breaks down. Resolving hard water problems not only extends the life of water pipes but water-using appliances like water heaters and dishwashers. Speak with a licensed plumber about installing a water softener or a whole-house water filtration system to combat hard water.

Replace Old Piping

If you have home piping that’s old and showing its age, it’s time to call a plumber. Replace outdated pipes with sturdy, high-performing, modern-day pipes.

Keep your pipes clear and in their best shape. Call Gulfshore Plumbers for pipe repair, sewer repair and more!

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